Credo Destination Experience Platform

You don’t have to start from scratch. From a powerful form builder and event planner to interactive maps and content personalization, Creatim’s battle-tested DXP Credo can fast-track your new site to life.

Why Credo DXP?

  • Launch in 3 months
  • Deliver content-rich customer experiences
  • Invest in growth with a lower total cost of ownership
  • Get higher conversions with your mobile customers
  • Enjoy secure and reliable performance


Focus on intrinsic features and destination-specific functions the travelers expect. The result is a site that is lean, fast, and easy to manage.




Credo DXP has multi-language principles in its veins. Usually, language versions are organized as separate websites, leading to confusion and administration overload. In Credo DXP, all language versions of particular content are assembled in one place. Any language version can be adjusted and presented independently to match expectations in the target market.


You can manage multiple subdomains or web pages that instantly follow mobile design principles. The assets are centrally stored and separated from the presentation layer in a headless CMS manner. They can be organized in clusters and published on any page without doubling the content.

Mobile friendly

Mobile is key to travel inspiration. And this is precisely where most user experience challenges crop up, for example, in the country map. However, these challenges have already been taken care of: the priority-based algorithm behind the zoom feature promptly removes less important POIs to make the remaining ones clickable as the user zooms out.

Credo Asset Manager 


Do you want rich media available while keeping copyright issues in check? The Credo asset manager will relieve your editors from the usual helter-skelter of asset management. Designed specifically for destination marketing, it can help you track who contributed, used, or published what and when.


  • Assets and metadata online in a central location
  • Any kind of media files (pictures, videos, audio files, and documents
  • Upload and download history.
  • Various levels of user access rights


  • Content score system
  • Download a zip file of multiple selected assets
  • Create ready-to-publish media packages


Do you want to boost the efficiency of your editors and keep your assets in check?

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Case study


Credo is one of the main ingredients of’s success.

How did we win the bid? True, our designers and the UX team did a great job. But the point is, that you have to do many things right to carve out an effective destination website. Here is the list of the seven most essential objectives and how we approached them.

Slovenian Tourist Board

Tourism destination website design: how to engage potential visitors
Slovenian Tourist Board



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