How to redesign a website? How to be sure our customers will really use the new online service? How to make a complicated system pleasant to use?

You are not on this page because you already know the answers.

You are here because you have a challenge. You are planning a new product. Or your users do not convert and you need someone who can understand why. You need to create an experience that will delight your customers and build momentum.

Creatim can help you reach this goal by:

  • resolving a specific UX challenge within a broader project scope,
  • designing and developing the user interface (all phases)
  • delivering an end-to-end solution of your online service.

You know your business, we know the Internet. We can organise a Skype call to discuss your business goals and problems you want to solve. Give us a couple of weeks and we will come back to you with a draft of the project plan and a corresponding cost estimation.

Plans? Ideas? Let's talk!

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