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A data-driven approach to the user experience design is why some of our clients stick with us for ten years or more. We provide design and ongoing optimization services, suggesting improvements where they matter the most.


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Get expert feedback and actionable recommendations on your website user experience. It is the most cost-effective way of finding usability issues and the first step of an effective optimization strategy.


Following the “Job to be done” and inbound principles, we will draft a realistic hypothesis on how users will interact with your product. We will test it and map out the flow from the entry page down the conversion channel, removing possible frictions.


Do you need an eye-catching website or a formal-looking web application? Either way, your product will require stylistic and functional consistency to promote user confidence while keeping the learning curve as short as possible.

We’re impressed with how well Creatim understands us as a client.

Anja Molan, Nice Label



User experience planning

You want to wow your customers and mitigate project risk. Based on the outcomes of the research phase, we can help you by modeling interactions tailored to various user personas, following the design thinking methodology. Leveraging real user data, we test initial assumptions on an interactive prototype to help you make informed solution design decisions.


Design Thinking Process



UX audit can help you ascertain the friction points from the user perspective. On this basis, we can suggest actionable recommendations to increase conversion and engagement.


You need an experience that is visually pleasing and easy to learn. Creatim’s designers employ atomic design principles to establish memorable experiences that cater to all user types.


As the online environment evolves, we can stand by you to help remove friction points, innovate and advise on how to ramp up conversions.

User experience workshops helped me to see the website makeover project from a different perspective. They taught me how users think, what they need and what drives them.

Nataša C., DBS Bank

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