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Usability audit

Get expert feedback and actionable recommendations on your website user experience. It is the most cost-effective way of finding the majority of usability issues and the first step of an effective optimization strategy.

User flow design

Following the “Job to be done” and inbound principles we will draft a realistic hypothesis on how users will interact with your product. We will test it and map out the flow from the entry page down the conversion channel, removing possible frictions along the way.

Interface design

Do you need an eye-catching web site or formal-looking web application? Either way, your product will require stylistic and functional consistency to promote user confidence keeping the learning curve is as short as possible.


User experience design never ends. As the online environment evolves, we continuously monitor the user flows, ascertaining possible friction points and building an optimization strategy around them.


UX Audit

Creatim offers an unbiased assessment of your usability and information architecture. This is a basis for actionable recommendations about enhancements you can make to increase conversion and engagement.

CRO strategy

A solid CRO requires a holistic approach to UX optimization, taking into account PPC, social, inbound and other marketing initiatives as well. Once we are familiar with all these activities we can propose a meaningful strategy to boost your website conversions.

Information architecture

Creatim will structure a streamlined flow of information between your users and various data sources to facilitate frictionless user flows and pleasant user experience.

Interaction design & prototyping

We will model interactions tailored to various types of user personas, to establish a seamless, intuitive experience. We use the best-in-class design tools to move the project from low-fidelity wireframes to clickable prototypes where we can study the user’s behavior and validate the initial assumptions.

UX/UI optimization

User experience optimization never stops. Rigorous testing is an essential part of our solution design process and continues once the website is up and running. We stand by our clients to remove friction points, innovate and advise them on how to ramp up conversions.

Visual design and styling

Creatim designs aesthetically pleasing interfaces that are aligned with the brand’s identity guidelines. Leveraging atomic design principles, we will make sure that interactive elements follow the same patterns throughout the site to ensure the learning curve is as gentle as possible.

Case Study




Leveraging User Experience to Outperform the Competition

How we made Slovenia’s official tourism website outperform some of its most prominent competitors online.

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