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All team members are fluent in English

At Creatim, we turn innovative ideas into outstanding digital products that fuel business growth.

We are problem solvers. We thrive in the face of challenges, working with clients who dare to dream big and seek a partner capable of transforming visions into digital reality. So, Creatim is a natural ally for clients looking to disrupt the established order, providing them with strategic digital solutions that empower them to compete and grow.

Think of Creatim as two brain hemispheres complementing and bolstering each other. One handles rational tasks such as technical considerations, risk mitigation, and programming, while the other tends to the creative aspects, including business ideas and UX design. Both are indispensable if we want to build you a solution that will help your company grow.

We are not one of those outsourcing factories. Instead of pushing on what off-the-shelf products provide, we will immerse into your unique challenges to develop an innovative solution to help you stand out.

We work with businesses, consultants, and development teams worldwide, focusing on a few projects at a time, ensuring we can deliver what we promised.

Why work with Creatim


We speak business

You need someone who understands the context and complexity of your business. We will dedicate an experienced business analyst who will delve into your case and provide you expert advice at all stages of the project.

Flexible project management

Your solution may be specified upfront or need a more agile, user feedback-driven approach. Creatim can adjust to various project management and pricing methods to accommodate the project characteristics

Quality and security

At Creatim, we are committed to delivering stable, clean-coded applications. We carefully monitor project activities and rigorously test the outcomes at each development phase. Creatim is certified under ISO/IEC 27001:2013, an international information security standard.

What drives us

Customers first

All Creatim solutions are designed with the customer’s success in mind. Their satisfaction is each employee's responsibility. We strive to build long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships rather than focus on short-term business.

Quality assurance

We maintain the quality of what we do by constantly reviewing outcomes and the cost-effectiveness of every activity. We encourage regular review meetings with clients and provide regular progress reports.

Flexibility over features

Creatim doesn't push what the platforms provide but what our clients and users need. We accept responsibility for delivery, ensuring that encountered problems are resolved in a satisfactory and timely manner.


We are committed to maintaining the highest degree of integrity in all our dealings with potential, current, and past clients regarding normal commercial confidentiality and the protection of all personal information received from the client.


We strive to win customers' trust by keeping them informed at all stages of the project to see whether we are on track openly discussing issues when they occur so we can intervene on time and move forward.


Our commitment to integrity begins with complying with laws, rules, and regulations where we do business. We avoid opportunities where we sense unethical conduct. We believe in transparent relationships that are based on fairness and mutual trust.

Company management

Andrej Perc

Senior Consultant, partner

Andrej founded Creatim in 2000 and led the company until 2019. During this time, he set a course for a company culture based on transparency, fairness, and expertise. An architect by original profession, Andrej has always been attracted by the interaction of technology and human behavior. After handing the company wheel to Gregor, Andrej focused on Creatim's strategy and marketing activities.

Gregor Rupnik

Managing Director, partner

Gregor joined Creatim early on and took over as a company CEO in 2019. He enjoys cultivating a positive team spirit within the agency, knowing that only motivated team members will deliver the quality expect. Gregor is now steering Creatim to its next level of success. Gregor is a huge U2 fan, which helps him cope with all the "Rock and roll" at work.

Mitja Špende

Senior consultant, partner

Mitja heads up the business development. As an experienced business consultant, he helps clients evaluate different scenarios to find an optimal solution for their online objectives. Clients cherish his pragmatic, conceptual approach and down-to-earth market evaluations. Always striving to push the envelope, Mitja even tried to teach his 6-month-old daugther the basic of trigonometry.

Klemen Urbančnik

Head of project office, partner

Two decades ago, Klemen started his career as an entreprenuer. He founded several web initiaves, including a webshop and a tourist portal, that are still active today. In his fifteen years at Creatim, Klemen has tried out various roles, so he knows the agency constitution inside out. Today, he manages project-related activities, ensuring clients get what they came for.

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