Destination websites: The solution design process

Creatim’s experienced consultants and award-winning UX team work with government agencies and local DMOs, helping them align their stakeholders around impactful web initiatives.

Step 1: Kick-off

After the contract has been signed off, we will perform an audit of your existing website to see how users interact. In a project kick-off meeting, we will

  • discuss the audit results,
  • dive into your brand strategy and value proposition
  • discuss the desired project outcomes
  • review the team structure and the nature of our future collaboration.

Step 2: Discovery sessions

In a series of workshops, spanning over 5 - 7 days, we will address

  1. Project overview
  2. User discovery
  3. Content strategy and SEO
  4. Solution requirements

Step 3: Solution principles

In a series of workshops, spanning over 5 - 10 days, we will address

  1. User flows
  2. Solution structure and integrations
  3. Content strategy principles
  4. Editorial Policies
  5. Editorial workflows

Creatim will wrap the results in a Solution principles document, written in plain English so it can be understood and signed off by all stakeholders to avoid possible disputes later in the process. 

Step 4: Solution design

Having a Solution principles document in place, we will frame the future website by drafting

  1. UX/UI design
  2. Content strategy
  3. Site architecture
  4. Technical infrastructure and sizing
  5. Delivery roadmap

We will list all the findings in a Solution design document that will provide instructions to the development team. 

Creatim’s tried and tested solution design deliverables will provide a rock-solid foundation and a guideline for the development team regardless of technology or CMS you will choose to build on.

I’m interested. How do we start?

Let’s schedule a one-hour free-of-charge online introductory call with our advisor, where we will discuss your situation, existing website, and vision to see how Creatim can help you.

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