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Credo has multi-language principles in its veins. All language versions of particular content are assembled in one place. Nevertheless, they can be presented independently from one another to match the distinctive expectations of the target market.


A strong content management system enables you to manage multiple subdomains or web pages that instantly follow mobile design principles. Credo is headless - the assets are centrally stored and separated from the presentation layer. They can be organized in clusters and published on any page without doubling the content.

Fast and flexible

Based on lean development Credo’s core architecture is set to meet high-level performance and scalability targets.
It s not clogged with gizmos that nobody needs. Due to its API-first architecture, it can be integrated with various 3rd party solutions, social media, and back-end systems.

Credo is good for Business


Effective and easy to learn

Credo DX is fast to learn and enjoyable to use. It is designed to boost the efficiency of the editorial teams, big and small.

Build anything you can imagine

Open-source, modular structure, and well-defined extension points make Credo a perfect getaway for agile solution development.

Open-source philosophy

No vendor lock - Credo DX can be maintained and developed by any PHP developer familiar with the Symfony framework. There are no license fees.

Low maintenance costs

Credo has few 3rd party plugins so its maintenance requires significantly less effort. Basic security is supported by Symfony.

Safe and secure

Fully GDPR compliant, Credo follows personal data security principles, consent management, and revision paths.


Based on the popular Symfony framework, backed by its authors, and battle-tested in hundreds of cases it is set to grow with your business.

Credo is great for Marketing

Multi-site management

Manage multiple related web sites, portals, and blogs from a single administration in CMS.

Forms and landing pages

Use the built-in form builder’s drag-and-drop feature to create forms and landing pages.


The build-in segmentation and personalization modules enable the editor to define the most relevant content for target audience.

Convenient content management

Create multi-tier workflows to edit, preview, optimize, and publish content all within an intuitive content editor.

Well-structured and manageable

Tree-structured overview and built-in folksonomy support make it easy to manage or reorganize the content.

SEO friendly

Features like a built-in SEO-wizard and up-to-date technical architecture keep your content rankings high.

Credo is loved by developers

Integral solution

From automated redirects to event management, all components work seamlessly as an integral part of the core offering.


Credo’s lean, modular architecture is set to meet high-level performance and scalability targets.

Symfony based

Credo is based on a full-stack Symfony framework, employed by popular open-source platforms such as Drupal or eZ.

Clean code and APIs

High coding standards and natively supported versioning. External data sources are managed through RESTful APIs.

Safe and secure

Credo banks on the underlying Symfony security system, one of the most powerful parts of the Symfony framework.

Supported by its authors

Credo’s authors here to help you out in case of issues. Support plans and SLAs are available in addition to Symfony community support.

Credo’s core functions and components

Editorial features

News editor
Event manager
Workshops module
Document management
Galleries module
Content tagging
User management and roles
Map editor
Redirects module

Marketing features

Email marketing module
Powerful form builder
Push out notifications
Segmentation and personalization module
Banner management
Ads management
Testimonials module

Data protection

GDPR consent management
Revision paths
2-tier authentication
Integration protocols

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Credo DX is not a download-and-install software. Creatim limits its distribution to ensure a high level of security while offering maintenance, support, and hosting services for Credo-based online solutions. 

Do you prefer to entrust your team with the solution optimization roadmap?

After the initial development is concluded, the code ownership is transferred to the client. Credo is license-free. The code is well documented so any PHP-savvy technical team can take over the solution’s maintenance, and future development. 

You can bank on Creatim’s knowledge transfer and support programs to empower your editors, admins, and devs to get the most out of Credo. 

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