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Leveraging user experience to drive member retention

AMZS - Slovenian Automobile Association



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What services did we include in this project?

  • Personal development
  • Solution design
  • Software development
  • Hosting
  • Functional specification
  • User experience
  • Maintenance and support
  • Optimization services

The client

In Slovenia, AMZS is the company to go-to for all mobility-related matters. Being the largest provider of roadside assistance, the company also plays a pivotal role in road safety and driver education policies on a national scale. It is considered the most reliable source of traffic information in Slovenia.


AMZS’s primary source of revenue is yearly club membership fees. However, the number of members flattened. The company was traditionally popular among senior drivers, but it struggled to attract the younger ones.

On top of that, when it was time to renew, many club members quitted. They failed to recognize the value of membership. Moreover, the renewing process was cumbersome. It was conducted via standard mail, which drove off younger customers.

When the younger generation of managers came at the company’s helm, they immediately set about a comprehensive brand repositioning to align AMZS with the global mobility trends and attract younger drivers. The online presence makeover was an essential part of this process. They choose Creatim for the job.


The AMZS legacy website showed its age. The user got quickly disoriented in the breadth of the company’s activities and offerings. Most of all, the website failed to address the club members adequately and constrain churning.

Creatim UX specialists were committed to bringing about the user experience required to ramp up conversion rates. Leveraging the “Jobs to be done” principles, they structured the content into thematic web portals that reflected the expectations of the corresponding user personas.


It took Creatim’s developers three months to build the initial website. Although a minimal viable product at the time, it still comprised of seven different portals:

  • Traffic info (Homepage)
  • Motorsport Magazine
  • Traffic safety center
  • Driving school
  • Motorsport
  • Motorsport racing facility
  • Member portal

All portals share functional principles, brand identity, and are centrally managed (The English version of the site is limited as the company is primarily focused on domestic, Slovenian speaking audience).

Various membership-related extras and perks are sported all over the site to reminded users of the membership benefits.

In the next stage, the site was upgraded with e-commerce features to enable users to manage their membership online. They can now choose between basic membership and various packages (family, business users, etc.); they can upgrade or downgrade their existing package to better suit their needs. And they can pay online. On the company's side, the online membership process has improved both acquisition and retention.


Since the launch of the initial website, the AMZS club membership nearly tripled. The percentage of new memberships and renewals, that are applied for online, is growing every year. On the flip side, the churn has decreased by almost a third.

For eight years, Creatim Stands by AMZS, innovating, optimizing the user experience, and supporting their online initiatives. Creatim’s DevOp team manages the technical stuff, making sure the site is secure and aligned with regulatory standards.

Thank you, Creatim, for taking the time to understand our issues and deliver a website that supports our mission. Our partnership lasts for almost a decade now, and I’m glad we decided to work with you guys.
Davorin Smodiš Head of Membership

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