B2B Commerce

Creatim’s B2B Commerce solutions help manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers to keep their costs under control, so their sales force can focus on areas where human creativity is indispensable.

Cost optimization

Constant pressure on margins forces companies to optimize processes on all levels of operations. Creatim’s solutions come with a wide range of self-service tools that address the complexity of the buyer’s side purchasing, reduce the risk of errors and simply make the work more effective, on the buyer as well as on the seller side. By automating the sales process, you can make even “long tail” and low-margin customers profitable while freeing up your resources and focusing on tier-1 clients at the same time.

Personalized experience

They say people sell to people, not to businesses. Your client may be a corporate procurement agent, a branch office representative or a small business owner, each of them with different needs and expectations. Based on the individual contract-based workflows, catalogues and pricing, Creatim’s B2B solutions deliver a personalized experience for each of them, effectively replicating their relationship with a sales representative.

Website Design

Bringing people to a website in order to get them to do business with you will only work if the website encourages ease-of-use. Creatim’s user experience architects and designers will carve out an easy to understand purchasing process and choose the right tools for your clients, regardless of where and on which device they choose to interact with you. Because of its task-focused nature, your B2B e-commerce may not be as eye-catching as its retail counterparts, but it must still market the brand effectively. Our designers and marketers will make sure it does.

E-mail and marketing automation

Creatim certified experts can help you collect user activity data from all of the customer touch points in order to establish a meaningful and highly relevant messaging at every stage in the customer life cycle. Our goal is to win their trust, facilitate their self-navigation through your online offering and encourage their purchasing decision.

B2B Business Models

Direct Sales

Manage catalogues, contracts, members and extended sites from a single platform. Free your sales reps from paperwork by integrating to back end accounting or ERP systems; Speed up and simplify the selling process by offering your buyers:

  • Customized and contract-driven catalog and policies view
  • Contract-based pricing and policies view
  • Self-service tools for order management

Channel Resellers

Creatim can integrate your catalogue with suppliers and resellers’ existing systems thus turning your business into a valuable integration hub with many benefits:

  • With Assisted selling and configuration you can speed up the selling cycle of complex orders
  • Improved response times and less interaction costs through 100% quote accuracy
  • Real-time collaboration between resellers and suppliers increase sales staff productivity


You can support your dealers by providing catalog and IT infrastructure to create their own store-front. In this way you will get a consistent multi-dealer/distributor experience, plus you can:

  • Create different content for VARs, distributors and external agents
  • Selectively share catalog assets while allowing partners to sell their own products
  • Maintain consistent user experience while offering unique catalogues tailored to specific set of customers



We recommend you the best solution regarding the scope, budget and your key objectives.

User Experience

We passionately design experiences that are both visually appealing and easy to use.

Web Design

On top of the behavioural data, there is always a touch of magic.

Web Development

We know how to use the technology pragmatically, utilizing powerful process templates.

Online Marketing

We can help you to attract visitors with personalized advertising tactics and on-site promotions.


Creatim offers various support packages for the sustained e-commerce performance.

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