Built on top of IBM WebSphere Commerce® platform

C-Stock is a B2B e-commerce solution for companies that frequently supply goods and staples to their clients.

Built on top of the powerful IBM WebSphere Commerce® platform it automates the B2B selling process, from buyer-side ordering to contract management and provides both supplier and customer with better control over consumption.

Client-side inventory optimization

By providing a contract-based, optimized inventory for every client, refilling them regularly and charging only for materials that have been used, your clients will never run out of stock again.

Self-service tools for client-side inventory management and reporting

Every customer manages their personalized list of office supplies and reports the monthly consumption, which is the basis for automatic invoicing.

Contract-based client management

The supplier can manage relationships with a number of clients based on the case-by-case business information and estimated regular consumption.

Optimized supply routes

Since the fulfillment timing is not directly correlated with client’s consumption, you can independently plan and optimize refillment schedules and routes, which usually results into significant cost reductions in logistics.

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