Features for a seamless shopping experience

Built on top of the powerful IBM WebSphere Commerce® platform, C-Fresh is further enhanced with a number of grocery-specific features that are paramount for a seamless shopping experience and effective business operations.

Frozen and fresh foods, products measured by weight or by number of items, time slots for order management and similar challenges are managed by C-Fresh in order to ensure a seamless shopping experience as well as effective business operations behind the stage.

C-Fresh Seamless shopping experience
C-Fresh Location-Specific Catalogues

Location-Specific Catalogues

allow customers to order local food and preferred local brands.

Delivery slots

The customer can choose the most convenient time for home delivery.

Multiple Shopping Lists

allow the customer to quickly access his/her frequently purchased items.

Metric Switching

allows the shopper to switch between the number of pieces and the weight of items for unpacked foods.

Order recalculation

ensures the customer pays for what he/she gets - based on the exact weight of items the picker has put into the basket.

C-Fresh Order edit
C-Fresh Order recalculation

Order Edit

allows the customer to add items to the basket after the order has already been submitted (before picking is completed).

Product Replacement

allows the picker to choose an alternative brand if the preferred one is not in stock.

User Experience Sweeteners

  • Recipe shopping
    The customer can add the selected ingredients of a recipe to the basket or to the shopping list.
  • Alternative suggestions
    of healthier, cheaper or recipe-based alternatives to the chosen product.
  • Product specific features
    The customer can choose how ripe the fruits should be, how thick the steaks should be cut etc.

IBM WebSphere Commerce® Highlights

  • Omnichannel capabilities
  • Advanced campaign management and promotions
  • Powerful search engine
  • Analytics and business Intelligence
  • Advanced business user tooling
  • Learn more about WebSphere Commerce

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