The client had ongoing problems with its existing user portal, which was technologically unreliable and needed a considerable amount of manual processing, which was becoming more and more difficult to manage. In addition, the client wanted to set up an online platform for selling devices and services. Tušmobil trusted us with the challenging task of renovating its web portals. The portals are interconnected and therefore the renovation took place on all the web portals at once.

Marketing Objectives of the Client

  • Renovation of the Tušmobil website and integration with the comprehensive solution for the online store.
  • Strengthening the Tušmobil brand as the market leader in the field of developing new types of offers for its clients by providing an innovative and pleasant solution.
  • Establishing a web platform for further upgrades and marketing campaigns.

Business Objectives of the Client

  • To become the first mobile network operator in Slovenia to develop the possibility of entering into phone subscription contracts online.
  • To establish a cost-effective and modern sales channel.
  • To increase sales in areas where there are no Tušmobil outlets or agents.


This complex task required a comprehensive approach. Therefore, we first collected all the user scenarios and developed user stories. With this, Creatim had an approximate idea of the scope of the project and the main factors for success.



High-Quality User Experience

The service enables the user to shop however he/she wants (using the search engine, navigation menus, first selecting the device and then the subscription or vice versa).

Process Automation

Close integration with client’s back-end systems (price lists, promotions, catalogue, help), which provide a uniform experience with the brand for the user.


The goal was to use personalized service to inform the user about subscription status and usage, so that he/she can do as much as possible online.

Sales Promotion

This is intensively carried out with various promotional content (up-sell, cross-sell). The company is using these methods to sell more.


Stages of the Project


Based on the client’s goals, we created a wire-frame model of the user experience for the desktop and mobile versions of the proposed solution. Parallel to this, we set up a technical model (high-level design) of the integration and the necessary infrastructure.

As soon as we covered all the scenarios, we started working on the graphic design. The graphic design of the web portal takes into account the user experience and the corporate identity of the client.


We proposed three technical platforms (IBM WebSphere Commerce, Hybris and Symfony2) and the client selected the last of these. In accordance with the principles of the agile development of the project, the programming of the functionality was carried out in several small phases and with close collaboration between the developers, the user experience experts and the client.

In the front end development, we took into account the principles of responsive design. The development was carried out in 6 months.

Testing and Go-Live

The development environment was set up in Creatim, while the testing and production environment were set up at the clients premises.

All the changes are first tested in the development environment and are then transferred to the testing environment on the client’s server. There, the client can test the changes and later transfer them into the production environment (online, on the client’s server). The user acceptance testing was carried out in 2 months.


We helped Tušmobil become the first mobile network operator in Slovenia to offer the possibility of entering into phone subscription contracts online. We supported all kinds of mobile devices as well as more than 90 possible scenarios for different user profiles.

Integration with the client’s system enables the direct transition and processing of orders in the back-end system. The result for the end user is that the device can be delivered to him/her in 2 business days from the date of ordering. It is no longer necessary to visit a Tušmobil outlet to enter into a phone subscription contract.

the 1st mobile network operator to offer the possibility of entering into phone subscription contracts online

podprtih možnih scenarijev za različne profile uporabnikov

90 supported scenarios for different user profiles

delovna dneva od naročila do dostave na dom

2 business days from the date of ordering to delivery

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