NLB Vita is one of the most prominent life-insurance provider in Slovenia. Considering its online-strategy the company decided to upgrade its website to a self-service web office. Creatim was assigned to design and implement the solution.


The case of NLB Vita

The client wanted a portal where the customers are better informed and able to purchase online and self-manage their insurance plans. The obvious goal here was to diminish friction in the purchasing process as much as possible while protecting a customer’s personal data and comply to the harsh legislative regulations of insurance industry. To meet the requirements Creatim has developed tools like digital signature and implemented personal certification process, tailored to the existing business processes in the company.

To match the rigorous safety standards Creatim hosts and manages the site while all the data processing and storage takes place exclusively on the client’s technical infrastructure. The data exchange between the servers runs via encrypted protocols.

Personal certification process flow


NLB Vita has recently confirmed that the new portal has reduced time-to-market, shortened the conversion cycle and enhanced its brand image. The number of users increases as does year-on-year sales, in line with targets.

Online insurance purchase

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