Creatim is the official Sylius partner

Creatim is the official Sylius partner

Andrej Perc
Andrej Perc Published 08. 11. 2022 2 min for reading
Creatim is the official Sylius partner

Sylius is a modern modular e-commerce platform. It facilitates custom development leaving more room for experimenting and innovation.

In a recent Sylius conference in Warsaw, the platform founders underscored their commitment to Sylius' initial principles. In this light, we expect the coming upgrades to revolve around features such as a flexible code, an API-first approach, and headless architecture. 

Because of these attributes, Sylius was promptly embraced by Creatim’s developers. They tested the platform in several innovative and B2B business models such as  E3, ExtraLux, and Gyllenhus. These projects proved the case for Sylius, so new projects are regularly added to the pipeline.

The partnership with Syilius grants Creatim’s developers immediate access to the solution’s founders and enables them to participate in the platform development.

“The partnership with Sylius enables us to tackle more complex e-commerce challenges while reducing the project’s risks because we are now backed by Sylius architects and consultants,” said Creatim’s CEO Gregor Rupnik.

Despite being a relatively new player in the market, Sylius already runs several thousand webshops, including global brands such as Reiss, Intersport, and Dr. Oetker, to name a few.