The Challenge

How do you sell more, enhance service and cut costs simultaneously?

Usually we only think about office supplies if we run out of them. They are simply a commodity that is expected to always be within reach. And we get frustrated if this is not the case, even if we forgot to order them?

The ExtraLux team conceived an ingenious plan. They decided to store the office supplies at the customers’ locations. By providing an optimized inventory for every customer, refilling them regularly and charging only for materials that have been used, their customers will never run out of stock again. However, the plan was only doable if underpinned by an appropriate IT solution.

Creatim was entrusted with the task.

A Self-Service System with Mutual Benefit

Every customer manages their personalized list of office supplies and reports the monthly consumption, which is the basis for automatic invoicing. An ExtraLux representative comes by once a month and refills the stocks.

ExtraLux customers are satisfied since they never run out of office supplies while ExtraLux saves on customer service at the same time. Situations when customers ran out of urgently needed office material resulting in unplanned deliveries have been dramatically reduced.

Responsive Design

The tablet is the most convenient tool for ExtraLux customers to check on their supplies and consumption. Therefore the website is designed according to responsive design principles.

Advanced Search Engine

The search engine suggests a product based on the search term ...


... or the product number typed in a search box.


With the new ordering system, our client can now:

  • save time and money since there is no need for additional IT staff to run the system,
  • leverage the simplified order processing for products that are not listed in the customer contract,
  • manage the processes through a single view of its customers, inventories and orders,
  • utilize tools for customer site inventory optimization,
  • accelerate brand recognition and reputation.

Do you need help optimizing your business processes?

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