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How to motivate partners to sell your products?

NiceLabel is a world-leading developer of labeling software.

Its distribution flows through its partner network.

Since NiceLabel is an established and well recognized brand, the company has decided to support its partners by upgrading the brand’s website into a partner-shared e-commerce hub.

In a partner network business model establishing a direct sales process can be risky.

Resellers may think the supplier is jeopardizing their share of the revenue. The only way to avoid a conflict is by making your partners a part of the new business model.

Therefore, Creatim was asked to upgrade the NiceLabel site to an online marketplace, which enables partners to manage their users, streamline their online sales and market effectively.

  1. To establish an e-commerce platform as a new sales channel
  2. To enhance partner relationships and collaboration
  3. To use the new e-commerce hub as a competitive advantage for new partner acquisition


Creatim has developed an online system which recognizes individual users based on their geographical location.

The site’s content is personalized regarding the user’s search history and manually set preferences. When a user chooses to buy, he or she is assigned to a local reseller who ultimately fulfills the sale.

The whole platform is conceived to give partners more control over their sales and new business opportunities. They have access to all NiceLabel prospect data, so they can effectively streamline their marketing activities.



On the test market (United Kingdom) sales have more than doubled.

And perhaps more important, due to online services NiceLabel leverages it ability to backup its partners, thus partner satisfaction has increased substantially.

Not only did the online sales go up, partners who have opted in to participate in the testing period have increased their store sales of NiceLabel products as well.

If a website is to become the cornerstone of the business model, it has to develop into a comprehensive online system, which connects all the dots of marketing and sales channels. Integration of advanced quotation, revenue and content management tools was a huge challenge. Creatim proved to be a reliable partner who helped us implement the most advanced online solutions into our complex business process. - NiceLabel

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