At Creatim, our expert team of IBM WebSphere e-commerce developers builds and optimizes enterprise-level stores that aren’t just responsive but can sell across multiple channels. Read on to find out more about what we offer, or contact us today to discuss your project with a specialist IBM WebSphere Commerce developer.


Creatim can support your online business by


the complexity of your business into a simple, well-structured processes and digital experiences, based on WCS rich offering.


advanced IBM WCS solutions, tested and incorporated into your technical environment, on time and on the budget.


your development team with our certified experts, leveraging best practices of distributed development.


and optimizing your IBM WCS solution on a long term, through our devops oriented workflows and technical expertise.



We can help you make the right decisions. To keep your costs in check our business analytics evaluate your initial assumptions and perform fit-gap analysis. At the same time our technical team outlines the optimal approach to meet the performance, scalability and security targets.


Creatim senior WCS developers have 7+ years of experience. They master all aspects of IBM WCS application development and integrations. They can provide an end-to-end implementation or support your team by bringing the specific expertise to the table.


Creatim's support team monitors IBM WCS critical systems day and night to guarantee fast issue recognition, processing, and reporting. Backed-up by a convenient web based client portal our help desk provides a single multichannel point of contact for all your IT support needs.


Our project managers constantly monitor the planned activities and coordinate the team, making sure that dependencies don’t cause bottlenecks, intervening on time and removing the risks if unexpected issues or new requirements emerge.


Creatim experts know the IBM WCS solutions they implement inside out. They will train your online team to give them end-to-end control over the application to master its management from the user’s and - if required - from the administrator’s perspective.


We stand by our clients as they build up online services, confront sales peaks and weigh-up different scenarios for future endeavours. Our certified experts support their technical teams or - if required - provide a holistic managed service support.

Special expertise

Grocery e-commerce

Creatim contributed to the development of many groceries and B2B food distributors across Europe and the Middle East. We are specialized in developing grocery specific components like time slots or order recalculation.

B2B Commerce

IBM WCS is a convenient approach to managing complex B2B operations. Most of the B2B processes are seamlessly covered out of the box, so we can focus on the integrations and the development of unique requirements.

Creatim Commerce on Cloud

Creatim Commerce on Cloud (CC) is end-to-end web store solution, built and hosted on Creatim’s cloud infrastructure. Based on IBM Commerce technology is a convenient entry point in the world of enterprise e-commerce.

Our work

Creatim works hand in hand with IBM, international clients, marketing agencies and e-commerce teams. We support leading brands from the grocery, retail and sports sectors as well as copanies from the B2B and the finance industry.



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Spletne rešitve (B2B) 2013

Kako prodati več, zagotoviti boljšo storitev in hkrati znižati stroške? V ExtraLuxu, enemu večjih slovenskih trgovcev s pisarniško opremo, so prišli na idejo, da bi strankam potrebščine dobavljali na zalogo, pri čemer bi obračunavali samo dejansko porabo.



B2B e-commerce 2014

The largest chain of sports equipment shops is now also present on the Slovenian web. With advanced e-commerce tools we provided Intersport with unified product management, multi-channelling, and implementation of different promotional activities.



E-commerce 2013

Mercator is a successful offline retailer technical goods. Recently the company decided to extend its operations online. They chose Creatim due to the long run cost efficiency and extendability of the Creatim e-commerce solution.