Creatim utilizes two different e-commerce platforms, each covering a certain range of online solutions.

Together, they cover a wide spectrum of e-commerce and e-business models, from mid-size businesses to high-end enterprise systems. No matter what your online endeavors are, we probably have you covered.

IBM WebSphere Commerce

IBM WebSphere Commerce

If you plan to build an enterprise-level web store or if online sales are already the business-critical point of your business, then IBM WebSphere Commerce Suite (WCS) is the right choice for you.

The heart of IBM WCS is Aurora starter store. Its robust and validated application core covers all the basic processes of e-commerce. Furthermore, Aurora is enhanced with a wide range of tools and features that provide seamless user experience as well as smooth process management behind the scenes. Creatim’s certified WCS developers and administrators leverage Aurora’s well defined extension points to integrate it with 3rd party systems and customized components to meet the exact business requirements.

Once in production, WCS’s robust and scalable architecture ensures high up-times regardless of page views or transactional volumes. Due to the carefully planned implementation procedures, the platform upgrades won’t disturb your ongoing sales process. IBM’s expert support service makes sure all WCS solution owners sleep well, even during seasonal peaks.

IBM WCS is a preferred choice for some of the largest brands and B2B companies in the world, including Sears, Ikea, Mazda, Staples and more than 1500 other companies around the world.

Symfony PHP

Symfony PHP

With over 300,000 developers worldwide, it is a popular PHP framework for creating advanced websites, tailor-made web applications and highly customized e-commerce solutions.

It was developed according to the best practices of object-oriented programming. It’s latest version, Symfony2, took a lot of inspiration from Spring, the most popular Java framework. It pretty much matches Java technology in terms of scalability and performance - websites like Facebook, Wikipedia and Yahoo have proven that PHP can scale and does so exceptionally well.

Due to the flexibility of its components and bundles, Symfony2 can be used to design an application that perfectly meets the expressed needs.

Creatim used Symfony PHP for development of the company’s proprietary solutions Credo CMS and Credo PIM.



Symfony PHP

The ecommerce solution for a mobile operator Tusmobil was built entirely on Symfony 2 framework. It comprises of a full-service telco web store and a personalized self service portal. See case study

IBM WebSphere Commerce (B2C)

A cloud-based platform, omnichannel capabilities and a wide array of business user tooling - everything you need for a swift start and effective online operations. See case study

B2B e-commerce

IBM WebSphere Commerce (B2B)

IBM WebSphere commerce covers all the basic processes of selling to companies. As in the case of Extralux - it can be further developed to meet the company's unique requrements. See case study

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