Tailor made

When there is a need for an industry-specific service to fill a gap in the process or to modernize an existing platform, Creatim develops tailor-made applications to meet the client’s needs. Built on Java or Symfony PHP frameworks, Creatim utilizes standardized components and object-oriented practices to develop a lean, modular application structure that is easy to manage. Once the project is complete, the code ownership is fully transferred to the client.

Furthermore, Creatim’s user experience experts provide intuitive, user-friendly interfaces. On these principles, Creatim has built a wide spectrum of web applications for its clients, including the company’s own solutions - Credo Content Management, Credo Product Information Management and several grocery-specific components for IBM WebSphere Commerce.

Web Application Framework & Programming Languages

Creatim specializes in developing solutions on Symfony PHP and Java frameworks, utilizing object-oriented best practices, simplicity and a comprehensive code base.

Creatim is specialized in the following programming languages:

  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Java

15 years of experience

Creatim is often approached by other agencies and solutions providers just to bring technical excellence to the table. Our certified developers know how to convert any business concept into a functional and reliable solution.

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