1. Discovery and the Solution Outline

Building an effective online solution starts with understanding your goals, your clients and the existing technical environment.

A no-obligation workshop is a good place to start to discuss your business context and the problems you want to solve. Once we have reached a mutual understanding on what needs to be delivered, we outline the scope of work and present you with a cost estimation required to deliver the product.

After the contract has been signed, we conduct several workshops (or Skype calls) with your team to discuss

  • Business requirements
  • User preferences and profiles (personas)
  • Technical principles

This iterative approach enables us to discuss, advise, solve the issues and close the requirements one at the time, gradually shaping the future solution.

The result of this phase is the Solution Outline Document that describes the high level system design, key user flows, delta changes of the chosen platform and the integrations required.

2. Design And Build

We advise you to start lean leveraging the principles of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) design, adjusting the solution later, when the real user feedback starts to flow in.

Based on the principles agreed so far our UX team will lay out user scenarios, wireframes and the look & feel of the new site, which will be discussed with and eventually approved by your team.

In the meantime, our architects and system engineers will document the infrastructure, the database, the data flows and the necessary steps to meet the target performance requirements.

The platform implementation, infrastructure, integrations and coding are conducted by Creatim’s certified developers. According to the MVP principles, they use the technology pragmatically, utilising process templates to facilitate the development and keep costs under control.

MVP development usually takes between 3 and 6 months and requires 2 - 6 developers. During the process you have hands-on access to Creatim’s ticketing system. On top of that we provide monthly project reports to give you real time insight into the project progress.

3. Maintaining and Optimising

Creatim stands by you as you build up online services, confront sales peaks and weigh-up different scenarios to deliver an unforgettable experience to your customers.

Once the site is in production, our technical team monitors the critical systems while UX experts analyse the user data to suggest future enhancements.

We can support your team or - if required - provide holistic managed service support. In this case Creatim manages all technical aspects of your operations, monitoring and analysing performance.

Backed-up by a convenient web based client portal, our help desk provides a single multichannel point of contact for all your IT support needs.

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