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Popular off-the-shelf Content Management Systems (CMS) may not always be the best choice when choosing a platform for building a new site. It’s true they come in the form of thousands of sleek, production-ready templates that empower even technically unskilled users to get their sites up and running fast. However, a template-based website requires a company to fit into the predefined site structure rather than vice-versa.

To overcome these issues and to satisfy our own quality standards in website design, Creatim has built Credo CMS, a part of Creatim’s managed hosting framework. Credo combines the best of both worlds - open source software and enterprise-level functionality. The result are sites that are lean, fast and easy to manage.

Credo’s main advantages

  • Lean and modular architecture
  • Business-user friendly interface
  • Responsive design
  • Convenient tools for site and content management
  • Graceful degradation principles
  • W3C compliant accessibility standards
  • Multi-browser control system
  • Performance, load and stress testing
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Unlimited custom development possibilities

Modular Framework

While it requires deep technical expertise, it allows us to develop modular, tailor-made websites that perfectly meet the client’s needs.

Modularizing the front-end code is a great way to make even the maintenance of complex sites a lot more manageable and cost-effective. Our developers are able to know exactly what effect changing one line of code will have on the rest of the site.

Credo Content Management comes with an intuitive user interface and rich user management tooling. It places site management where it belongs - in the hands of your marketing and site managers.

Credo Content Management is implemented on 100+ sites created at Creatim.

Modular Framework

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