Step 1:

Discovery sessions

After the contract has been signed off we will perform an audit of your existing website to see how users interact with it.

In a project kick-off meeting, we will dive into your brand strategy, your value proposition, and your buyer personas. We will also agree on the accountabilities and the nature of our future collaboration.

In the sessions, we will:

  • Compare your current website and your goals to ascertain gaps and problems
  • Map out solutions for each of your site’s problems
  • Check out best practices
  • Brainstorm various scenarios to find the most suitable approach for project success
  • Discuss the scope of the project

Step 2:

Solution principles

In a series of subsequent workshops, spanning over 5 - 8 days preferably on your location, we will address pivotal ingredients of your future website.

Together, we will explore each topic thoroughly so your team will be able to reach informed decisions and discuss the open questions with the stakeholders.

Once you have their approval on all relevant aspects, Creatim will wrap them up in a solution principles document, written in plain English so it can be understood and signed off by all stakeholders to avoid possible disputes later in the process.

Pivotal ingredients of your website:

  • User requirements
  • Solution structure, functionalities, and integrations
  • Content strategy
  • Content management workflow
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • UX principles

Step 3:

Solution outline

It is time to get more technical. Having a Solution principles document in place we will frame the future website by addressing its functional and technical requirements, including the site’s structure, functions, integrations, and sizing.

We will list all the findings in a Functional specification document that will provide instructions to the development team throughout the delivery process.

Functional specification:

  • Functional requirements
  • Technical requirements
  • Site’s structure
  • Integrations
  • Sizing

Step 4:

UX/UI design

Your destination is unique, so should be your website. Whether it needs a redesign or a complete overhaul, it should reflect your brand essence and offer a pleasant user experience.

Creatim’s award-winning UX team has been delivering outstanding online experiences since 2000. They will carve out an enticing online experience that will leave a lasting impression in the minds of your future guests.

You will get an outstanding, intuitive web experience, described in a form of interactive design mock-ups, wire-framed user stories, and written instructions for the development team.

Key points:

  • Data-driven design
  • Visual identity reinforcement
  • Conversion paths
  • User testing

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