Travel research begins online and first impressions count.

The Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) was well aware of this fact when looking for a digital agency that would help them design and build a new national tourist site. The aim was to drown out the competing destinations through creativity and an inviting user experience.

The competition selection board was most impressed by Creatim’s solution.

The site’s main goal is to evoke the emotions of the foreign visitors and ignite their desire to visit Slovenia. It does not aim to directly sell tourist products. Rather it encourages visitors to proceed to partner sites of local tourist organisations and businesses in order to make reservations.

The site offers more than 5,000 tourist spots and attractions.

Photo: Jošt Gantar / Source: Mediateka STO

Photo: Matevž Lenarčič / Source: Mediateka STO


How to make a brand stand out from its online competitors? How to make it memorable and attractive? Creatim built its solution on the following principles:

1. Mobile first

There is an increasing trend of visiting tourist websites via mobile phones and tablets. The user experience is therefore designed according to responsive design principles.

2. Visual uniqueness and coherence with the “I Feel Slovenia” brand

While it was logical to follow the “I Feel Slovenia” visual principles the brand also served as a source of inspiration for our creative team to carve out the site’s  distinctive look and feel.

3. Combining text and images into inspirational stories

The site’s visual identity should complement the storytelling to create emotional bonds with online audiences as well as to encourage advocacy among the past visitors.

4. Actively encouraging visitors to engage via social media

The integration of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TripAdvisor allowed us to create an environment that provides the portal with a social proof.

5. The contextual promotion of various services and destinations

The site’s modular structure and rich business tooling give business users full control over user experience and promotion tactics.

User Experience Planning

Based on the above principles, user research and business requirements we designed a simple and user-friendly website.

1. Discovery

After studying STB’s substantial research data we ran a series of workshops with STB’s business analysts to discuss possible solution scenarios. In parallel we conducted an extensive competitor benchmarking.

2. Solution design

Working hand in hand our UX experts and technical team carved out user journeys that were aligned with the user requirements as well as technically doable within the given timeframe.

3. Designing the visual identity

Slovenia has something to show so the images were a clear focal point of the design concept. Large high-quality photos and the visual principles of the  “I Feel Slovenia” brand resulted in the site’s distinctive visual identity.

Photo: Matevž Lenarčič / Source: Mediateka STO

Photo: Dunja Wedam / Source: Mediateka STO

Key Solution Components

All the solutions arising from the client’s needs require the maximum flexibility of the editorial system. For such purposes, Creatim developed the Credo CMS.

Master Catalogue

Content management system Credo CMS contains a “master” catalogue of all the content components (maps, galleries, ads, links to social networks etc) making it easy for business users to combine them into new experiences and promotional tactics.


The existing capabilities of Credo CMS substantially reduced the development time. Therefore our developers could focus on the client’s back-end and third party integrations, such as the Slovenian Environment Agency, Instagram, AddThis and TripAdvisor, to name a few.

STO Business Site

The single sign-on (SSO) service allows business users to create STB Business accounts, as well as to sign up for events, use the media library and upload promotional content.

Media Library

Since the client did not find a suitable product on the market, we developed a custom-tailored application for managing media files (photos, video and audio clips, documents). Through its scalable architecture it can manage large amounts of media files. It provides business users with a comprehensive overview, advanced editing tools and the automatic file processing to serve the media and the tourism industry.

Project Management

The MVP site was published in December 2016, after only six months of intensive work.

During the discovery and design phases, the work was carried out following the JAD (Joint Application Development) method, requiring close cooperation between the client and the agency, as well as prompt decision-making.

Development was carried out according to the DevOps and agile principles. Intensive cooperation between the client and Creatim’s internal UX, development and testing teams reduced the development clutter and enabled us to deliver the solution on time.

What was the most decisive factor behind the successful project implementation?

  • The client’s proactivity, teamwork and the pursuit of a common goal.
  • A capable creative team
  • An experienced technical team

In the end, it is not the technology, it is the people who deliver.

Visit the Portal of the Slovenian Tourist Board

Photo: Vesna Male / Source: Mediateka STO

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