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Mercator is the largest retailer in the region with annual revenues exceeding 2.8 billion Euros.
The company has chosen Creatim to develop and support its e-commerce operations.

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Existing Systems

  • Single Sign On (M Profil)
  • Loyalty program (Pika)
  • Cash desk (Mikropis)
  • Payment systems (Bankart)
  • Delivery (Click & collect)


Unified Shopping Experience

  • B2C (M Tehnika)
  • B2C (Mercator Market)
  • B2B (M Tehnika)
  • B2E (M Tehnika)

The Challenge

Mercator is one of the largest retailers in the Adriatic region with annual revenues exceeding 2.8 billion Euros. When the company decided to extend its online operations to technical goods and some B2B operations, it was obvious the current e-commerce platform couldn't meet their requirements. A much more capable solution was needed to manage various e-stores and cover all aspects of the company's e-commerce operations.

The solution

Creatim won the tender together with IBM due to the long term cost efficiency and the flexibility of the proposed solution based on IBM WebSphere Commerce Enterprise V7 offered as a managed service.


Various business models, one platform

Nine months after launching the initial e-store, its sales exceeded volumes planned for the entire first year of its operation. Encouraged by the success, Mercator ordered B2B e-store a year later, followed by e-grocery, which was the largest and most demanding of all e-shops.

Built on a single IBM WebSphere Commerce platform, several features and integration principles from previous projects were re-used in the development process, resulting in swift and cost-effective deployment.

On top of this, Mercator’s online managers can now leverage a single familiar user interface to manage similar processes in various Mercator e-stores and obtain a single view of the customer.

Great User Experience starts with seamless integration

We leveraged IBM Solution Support Services to integrate the e-stores with the client's complex backbone system and payment transaction providers. Consumers can access Mercator e-stores, the Mercator travel agency and several other services through the convenient Single-Sign-on application. In addition, Mercator obtains a single view of the customer.

Precision marketing tools - a key driver behind the e-commerce success

The Creatim solution enables Mercator online store managers to launch a continuous stream of proactive merchandising activities. Utilising intuitive IBM WebSphere Commerce content management and pre-built promotional templates, they can rapidly deploy promotions and irresistible personalised offers. Customers can have their goods delivered or they can pick them up at the nearest store (click and collect).

B2C Mercator Market

B2C Mercator Market


At grocery stores, people normally want to shop quickly and online shopping is no exception to this rule. Mercator online store managers can entice shoppers with attractive offers that are individually tailored to their personal profile and shopping history.

Customers can respond and profit from various discounts without losing much time. They have the convenience of using a powerful search engine, personalised shopping lists and their purchase history to quickly fill the basket and check out.

B2B M Tehnika

B2B M Tehnika


The B2B platform supports M Tehnika’s wholesale activities, delivering its business accounts with personalised content for each individual partner. It also defines the criteria regarding which products its partners can purchase from a store and sets individual terms, conditions and delivery options.

By automating the quote-to-cash processes of small and medium-sized Resellers, the M Tehnika sales team has been freed up to better focus on how to promote new product lines to key account partners.

B2E M Tehnika


To optimise the client’s business processes and internal communication, Creatim developed a distribution panel add-on that supports communication between the client’s central warehouse and their stores. It provides store managers with a complete overview of forthcoming promotional activities.

As a result, they are able to respond by ordering more accurate quantities of merchandised products for sale during the promotion period, thus optimising distribution and increasing end customer satisfaction.

The Results

Nine months after its initial launch, the M Tehnika e-store has already exceeded sales volumes planned for the entire first year of its operation and 18% more sales in the first 9 months after the launch of the new e-grocery in comparison to the same time period last year, despite the negative growth in GDP in the country.

Activity manager

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